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If you can't see the length you need, just select the slightly longer version and you can cut it shorter at home when you receive them.

Replacement bed slats

  • Choose your quantity (the more you buy the cheaper they become)
  • The thickness of each slat is 9mm. Overall width is 63mm.They are 60mm on the flat surface, with a slight rounded edge as they are laminated.
  • We will cut your slat to size from the size selected for you so please ensure your measurements are correct
  • Remember - If you can't see the size on our list, then just buy the nearest size in our list and you can just cut it to the length you require! They are easy to cut, yet very strong.

Made from strong Beech laminate, not cheap Chinese Birch
Made with a slight curve/bend for durability and strength
9mm thick
German engineered quality

If you need the black plastic caps See our listing for middle caps and end caps  Just enter your purchase into your 'Basket' and we will send your order all together.

These wooden slats are often used on metal beds, made from laminated wood with a slight curve giving strength and durability to the slat

We do have other fittings and sizes, please go to our "Bed Spares & Accessories" section of our store.

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