Set of 1 steel shaft "Deluxe" castor/wheel

This is strong castor/wheel which are used on all UK bed bases as well as often used on sofas, chairs, armchairs, trolleys etc.

We can sell any quantity of these, we also list a pack of 4

These are the Deluxe version compared to our cheaper alternative. The Deluxe have a much wide 'foot print' and softer wheel which is better for heavier items and better for more delicate floors and carpets. The wider wheel spreads the weight more and so will not damage floors as much as slimmer,harder wheels.

Castor measures 85mm including the shaft.  

Please note, castors will be sent out as light beige only. 

NOTE: Next day delivery is NOT available for these products. They are sent out by mail/courier and delivery is typically 3-5 working days.