These 'Loot' grips will make you stand out from the crowd…especially the 'Glow in dark green' grips!

  •  Pair of Scooter handle bar grips
  • Made by the awesome Stolen brand, leaders in complete BMX and accessories.
  • Made from Krayton Rubber
  • Complete with bar end caps
  •  30mm diameter
  • 160mm long

These grips have a simple flanged finish at one end so you wont kill the look of them if you cut the flanges off and because these are longer, you can be sure these have the extra freedom for your hands to land anywhere and really gain that comfort you have been looking for. Don't worry though, these are not so long that they go all the way round your handle bars, these are just that extra amount for a good look and extra comfort and preference.

These scooter grips are on display in our Swindon and Bournemouth scooter store along with lots of scooter parts including complete scooters, scooter handle bars, collar clamps, deck tape, scooter wheels, trick/stunt pegs too.